The Revolutionary Sermon Martin Luther King Would Have Delivered (Trayvon, Zimmerman).

“Zimmerman has been found NOT guilty!” That was the first tweet I saw on my TL as I logged into my account. This story is not new, same thing happened in Nigeria a couple of days ago.
For Nigeria, it was about Ethnicity, but in the case of Trayvon (USA), its about racism. Martin Luther King, with his last breath, preached against racial profiling. If he were to be alive today, he would have started a protest right outside that court in Florida. His sermon would have been…

We are here tonight for serious business. We are here in general sense because, first and foremost, we are American citizens and we are determined to apply our citizenship to the fullness of its meaning. We are here also because of our love for Trayvon’s family and democracy at large, because of our deep-seated belief that democracy transformed from thin paper to thick action, is the greatest form of government on earth.

You know, my friends, there comes a time when people get tired of being trampled over by the iron feet of oppression. There comes a time, my friends, when people get tired of being plunged across the abyss of humiliation, where they experience the bleakness of nagging despair.
There comes a time when people get tired of being pushed out of the glittering sunlight of life’s July, and left standing amid the piercing chill of an alpine November.

And we are not wrong! We are not wrong in what we are doing. If we are wrong, the Supreme Court of this nation is wrong! If we are wrong, the constitution of the United States is wrong! If we are wrong, Jesus of Nazareth was merely an Utopian dreamer that never came down to earth. And we are determined here in Florida to work and fight until Justice runs down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.

I want to say that in all our actions, we must stick together. Unity is the great need of the hour, and if we are united, we can get many of the things that we not only desire but which we justly deserve. And don’t let anybody frighten you. We are not afraid of what we are doing, because we are doing it within the law. There is never a time in our American democracy that we must ever think we’re wrong when we protest. We deserve that right!

We, the disinherited of this land, we have been oppressed so long, we are tired of going through the long night of captivity. And now we are reaching out for the daybreak of freedom and justice and equality.

May I say yo you, my friends, as I come to a close, that we must keep God in the fore-front. Let us be Christian in all of our actions. But I want to tell you this night, that it is not enough for us to talk about love. Love is one of the pivotal points of the Christian faith, and then there is another side, called JUSTICE. And persuasion is one of the tools of Justice.
Not only are we using the tools of persuasion, but we’ve come to see that we’ve got the tools of coercion. Not only is this thing a process of eduation but it is also a process of legislation.

As we stand and sit here this evening and as we prepare ourselves for what lies ahead, let us go out with a grim and bold determination that we are going to stick together. Right here in Florida, when the history books are written in the future, somebody will have to say, “There lived a race of people, a black people, ‘fleecy locks and black complexion’, a people who had the moral courage to stand up for their rights. And thereby they injected a new meaning into the veins of history and civilization.”

Thank you!


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