The Taxi Driver Who Returned N18M Is Not On Honours List

Usuah, who plies Airport Road, Abuja said he was at the car wash when he discovered there was a bag left behind by a man he had earlier dropped off at a hotel.
He said he immediately returned it.
“My mind went back to the man whom I dropped at the hotel and I immediately alerted my chairman. He instructed me to go back to the place where I dropped him. I saw him and delivered his bag to him,”.

I read this story on the 2nd of August, thinking ‘this man don hammer’, until I read further and saw that he was giving N30,000 by the NOA and the Minister of Aviation also promised that a dinner would be organised in Usuah’s honour. Guess the minister forgot to add that his statue will also be erected at the city gate. The part I cannot comprehend is why Usuah’s name is missing on the Honours List.

A careful perusal of the latest names released for national honours shows that it is a pot-pouri of businessmen that have no scruples, friends and associates of those in government, discredited contractors and acolytes of those in power, especially at the federal level and mainly PDP party members. Hon. Pat would say “This is sadonic”.


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